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"To play a leading role in education development through academic and research excellence, while maintaining religious and international standards. Moon Public Schools is producing multi-diciplinary, values oriented, morally sound, creative and enterpreneurial leaders. "

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Dubbed " the best years of life " this excitment and spark to passion settle as the years go by. We begin learning because we have to. As we are on a mission to rewake the slumbering intellect and the rampant drive in everyone. Our vision is to develop learning by empowering our budding entreneurs.
The journey of MPS. has been started since 1994. This journey was dreamt by the Director Mr. Muhammad Riaz Chaudhary. Because his ambition is to turn every inhabitant into a student and every student into a successful individual, ready to take on the world.
Powered by an endless cycle of learning, We want to create the skill among the students to face the world with hardships and efforts.
As the world results ; from now on there will be no passion left undiscovered, no personal potential left unfulfilled, and no skills left unshared because. "The future belongs to the curious" The ones who are not afraid to try it, question it & turn it.

" Great success always comes from daily work. So do your best and leave the rest upon Allah Almighty.
He is always with hardworking and honest people."

Muhammad Riaz Chaudhary

" Keep working hard to achieve your desired targets.
Do your work today and dont't leave anything for tomorrow, beacuse tomorrow might never come. "

Muhammad Faisal Riaz

" The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. Education is our passport for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. "

Muhammad Usama Riaz
Vice Chairman
Recent Events
Kashmir solidarity Day
February 05, 2020
Students of Moon Public Schools are showing their love and concern with Kashmiris on Kashmir solidarity day.
Annual Function
December 18, 2019
Fabulous and comprehensive religious text on Surah Rehman on annual prize distribution ceremony which is the most awaited event to encourage the hardworking and talented students.
Division & District Lahore Schools Sports Competition
November 16, 2019
What a great victory!
We believe, We win.
Annual Sports Gala
Feb 16, 2019
We provide a healthy environment to our students by providing them all types of sports activities through "Annual Sports Gala".
Shuba e Hifz ( Hifz ul Quran )

It is proudly relating about Shuba e Hifz, to promote actual theme of life as a Muslim. Main objective of this shuba is to provide essential and basic aspects of Nazra and Hifz. Best level of pronunciation (Tajweed) is taught under the guidance of best Huffaz karaam (Qari Sahiban). Every child who is seeking knowledge will be a successful Muslim, to led a peaceful and virtual life.

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